7 Fun Flashlight Games for Kids to Play in the Dark

When the lights go out, kids get excited! It’s a chance to turn off the TV, put down their phones, and have some fun in the dark. With a flashlight or two, there’s an endless array of games to play. From classic hide-and-seek to creative tag variations, the possibilities are truly endless. Here are seven of our favorite flashlight games for kids that everyone can enjoy in the dark!

First up is a classic game of hide-and-seek. This game is easy enough for even the youngest kids and can be adapted with more complex rules as they get older. The seeker uses their flashlight to search in all the nooks and crannies around the house while blindfolded players try to hide without making a sound. When someone is found, it’s time for them to join in on the seeking!

Next is a version of tag that will keep everyone running around in circles! Players take turns being ‘it’ and use their flashlight to tag others while they run away from it. To make things even more interesting, assign different roles like ghost or monster depending on who’s ‘it.’ This game will test players agility as they dart back and forth trying not to get tagged by the light!

Supplies Needed

When playing flashlight games in the dark, there are a few supplies you’ll need. First and foremost, of course, is a flashlight. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; an ordinary household flashlight will do just fine. You’ll also need something to play with–shadows, shadows masks, or even flashlights with colored lenses can all work well. Finally, grab some friends or family members and you’re ready to go!

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to decide on a game. You might want to try a classic like ‘Shadow Puppets’, or come up with something new. If you choose the latter option, let your creativity run wild! Think about how different objects move when illuminated by light and come up with fun ways to use those movements in a game.

Once you’ve chosen your game and set up any necessary boundaries or rules for it, it’s time to start playing! Remember that the goal of these games is simply to have fun. Don’t worry too much about winning or losing; just enjoy the experience of playing together in the dark!

Preparation Tips

Before you begin playing flashlight games in the dark, there are a few preparation tips to consider. First, make sure the room is completely dark. Even the smallest amount of light can interfere with game play. Next, make sure there’s plenty of space for kids to move around without bumping into furniture or walls. Finally, decide whether you want to provide props such as flashlights and glow sticks. These items can help enhance the game and give players something to focus on while playing in the dark. With these preparations made, your kids will be ready for some fun flashlight games in the dark!

Shadow Puppets

Shadow puppets are a classic game that can be fun for kids to play in the dark. All you need is a flashlight and some simple supplies, like construction paper, scissors, and glue. With these materials, children can create their own shadow puppets and put on a show! They can make all sorts of figures – animals, people, robots – and project them onto the wall or ceiling with the flashlight. Kids will have a blast creating stories and acting them out with their shadows.

The best part is that they don’t have to stay in one place while playing this game. Shadow puppets can come alive anywhere there’s a light source – from bedroom walls to campfires to sidewalks! This game encourages children to use their imaginations as they explore different settings for their stories. They’ll love having adventures with their puppet friends in new places.

Shadow puppets offer an exciting way for kids to play in the dark without any screens or electronics getting in the way. It’s also great for developing motor skills as well as storytelling and acting ability – skills that are valuable even after childhood has passed. So if you’re looking for a simple but engaging activity for your kids in the dark, give shadow puppets a try!

Hide-And-Seek In The Dark

Hide-and-Seek in the Dark is a classic game for kids to play with their friends. All you need is a flashlight and a large space, such as a backyard or basement. The person who is “it needs to shine the flashlight around while counting to twenty. Everyone else must hide during this time, making sure not to make any noise or reveal their hiding spot when the light passes by. Once “it finishes counting, they turn off the flashlight and start looking for everyone else. They can only find people by using the beam of light from the flashlight while they try to guess where they are hiding. When someone has been found, they join “trying to find everyone else. The last person remaining wins!

Playing Hide-and-Seek in the Dark can be extra fun because it’s hard for anyone to find each other in complete darkness. It also boosts children’s imagination, as they have to think of creative ways and places to hide from the flashlight. Furthermore, it encourages kids to stay active since they have to move around in order to remain hidden from “Playing Hide-and-Seek in the Dark is a great way for children and their friends to have fun together while exploring their creativity and staying active at night!

Treasure Hunt

Ready to take the hide-and-seek game in the dark to the next level? Treasure hunt is a great flashlight game for kids to play in the dark. This game requires two or more players and is fun for all ages.

To start, one player is chosen as the “treasure keeper.” This person’s job is to hide a bunch of small objects around the room—anything from coins, erasers, or even candy will do. The treasure keeper then turns out all of the lights and each other player gets a flashlight.

The players are given clues to help them find their way around the room and locate their hidden treasures. As they search, they can use their flashlights to light up areas where they believe a treasure might be hiding. When a player finds an object, they give it to the treasure keeper and move on to the next one. The player who collects the most items wins!

This flashlight game encourages creativity, observational skills, and problem-solving abilities. It’s also great for developing motor skills as kids scurry around searching for hidden treasures in the dark!

Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses in the dark can be incredibly fun for kids. They get to use their imaginations and come up with new challenges each time. All you need is a few pieces of furniture, some toys and flashlights. Set up chairs, sofas, tables and other objects around the room to create an obstacle course. You can even draw lines or tape on the floor to indicate where they should go. Let them take turns running through the course while using their flashlight to guide them. Have them time themselves or race against each other if there’s more than one child playing.

If you want to make it more challenging, give each kid a different task that they must complete in order to move onto the next obstacle. For instance, they could have to recite a nursery rhyme before proceeding or do five jumping jacks. You can also add various elements such as tunnels or slides that require special instructions for completing safely and efficiently.

Once everyone has successfully made it through the course, have them switch roles and become the navigator for another player! This way, they get to help each other out while still having fun in the darkness.

Light Tag

Light Tag is an exciting game that kids can play in the dark. It requires a flashlight, and all participants must wear black clothing so they can not be easily seen. To start, one person is chosen to have the flashlight and will try to tag other players with it. The person must turn off their flashlight when searching for other players, which adds an extra element of surprise to the game. When they are caught in the beam of light, they become “dead” and have to take over flashlight duties.

The goal of Light Tag is for the person to try and catch as many people as possible before time runs out. As soon as someone else gets tagged, they become “dead” instead and take over chasing everyone around with their flashlight. This game can get pretty wild, which makes it a great way for kids to let loose in the dark!

The best part about Light Tag is that it encourages kids to use their imagination and think outside of the box when playing. Since there are no set rules or boundaries, each player has the freedom to create their own unique strategies for catching people or evading capture!


In conclusion, flashlight games are a great way to have fun with kids. They provide a safe and entertaining activity in the dark that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. The games are relatively short, but can be varied and adapted to make them more challenging or different for each play session.

When playing flashlight games, it is important to take safety precautions such as ensuring that there is nothing that could trip players in the dark and making sure that their eyes are protected from the bright light of the flashlight. It’s also important to have an adult present so they can supervise the game and make sure it’s played safely.

Overall, flashlight games provide kids with a unique and exciting way to enjoy the dark while being safe at the same time. With a few simple rules and a bit of creativity, these games will be sure to provide hours of fun for everyone involved!

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